Rep. Dempsey Delivers $2 Million More for Stadium Improvements

Representative Brian S. Dempsey.

Representative Brian S. Dempsey.

Haverhill’s state Representative Brian S. Dempsey has delivered again for his city, securing $2 million to complete improvements at Haverhill stadium

Dempsey, chairman of the powerful House Committee on Ways and Means, worked to include the funds in the commonwealth’s five-year capital investment plan that sets out the timelines and amounts for various projects around the state.

“These funds are an important step in the ongoing stadium project and will help in returning the stadium to its prior prominence in Haverhill. The state’s contributions have addressed critical structural concerns and have supported the installation of a permanent playing surface that will save on future maintenance costs. The improvements will allow the stadium to continue to serve as an asset to the high school and to the community for years to come,” said Dempsey.

The funds are in addition to $4.2 million Dempsey has secured for the stadium project since 2006. The most recent funds bring the total amount to more than $6 million. Previous rounds of funding allowed for the replacement of the athletic field with artificial turf and for repairs to the stadium’s seating.

This funding will be used for the ongoing updates to the stadium, including the stadium lighting fixtures which will improve the overall safety and usage of the fields, extending the hours in which the field can be used as well as updating the crumbling portions of the grandstand.

“I am grateful to Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito for recognizing the importance of the stadium to our community. Having the governor and lieutenant governor as partners in this project shows their commitment to working with cities like Haverhill to help bring about positive change and spur development,” Dempsey added.

Serving as the city’s center for the cultural and sporting events, this facility is used not only for Haverhill High School athletic activities but it is also used for numerous seasonal concerts and special community events. Dempsey said he has worked closely with the dedicated members of the Haverhill Stadium Commission in order to identify the most pressing needs of the stadium. The commission has been successful in raising private funds that allowed for the development of a detailed plan for the renovation of the stadium and for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the stadium.

Dempsey received support from Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives (D-Newburyport), Representative Linda Dean Campbell (D-Methuen) and Representative Diana Dizoglio (D-Methuen).

One thought on “Rep. Dempsey Delivers $2 Million More for Stadium Improvements

  1. Taxes are up over 25% in Haverhill in just the last 8 years.
    There are several “new” taxes in Haverhill including a meals and parking tax scamming taxpayers of millions a year.
    And here we have the biggest liberal tax and spend hack in the city being lauded as some kind of hero!!!
    It’s absolutely pathetic !!!