Police Find Woman Unharmed After Winnekenni Park Search

A “domestic dispute” led Haverhill police to search Friday afternoon for a woman on wooded trails around Winnekenni Park and Kenoza Lake. She was found unharmed after being the alleged victim of a threat against her.

Haverhill Police Captain Kim Parolisi told WHAV investigators responded to a call “from a third party” telling police a woman stated a man “was going to kill her” and then left. Officers on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) searched the area for a motorcycle on which an unidentified suspect fled after a witness gave police a license plate number. Police had also sought the public’s help by posting a photo of the woman on its Facebook page, but shortly afterward she walked out of the woods to officers unharmed, according to Parolisi.

The search was called off when, through a plate check, a male party was found with help from Merrimac police, Parolisi said. However, he declined to identify the man or comment on whether any charges were filed.

A state police helicopter also assisted in the search, according to Parolisi.

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