Flash Flood Warnings in Effect; Rain Dampens Crime

A cool, soggy start to the month of June brings a flash flood watch across the Merrimack Valley until Tuesday evening.

Wave Weather meteorologist Steve Lavoie said the flash flood watch remains in effect until 8 p.m., tonight, as rain showers are expected to come to an end during the afternoon. Up to one inch of rain fell overnight and showers Tuesday are expected to bring another half to three quarters of an inch by this evening.

In a storm-related Tuesday morning traffic report for route 125 southbound at the Ward Hill connector, road ponding conditions are reported over the westbound connector on-ramp. Motorists turning onto the connector are advised to slowly keep to the left side of the on-ramp curve.

The wet weather has also put a damper on criminal activity as Haverhill police report no arrests were made Monday.

The latest storm update from Wave Weather is coming up and is also heard every 30 minutes on WHAV.