Door-to-Door Salespeople, Others Subject to City Criminal Checks

Proposed updates to a “peddling and soliciting” ordinance for ice cream truck vendors and others are expected to go to a vote by the Haverhill City Council tonight.

On the agenda, a proposed revision to city ordinance would require ice cream truck vendors, as well as taxicab or livery owners or operators seeking a license from the city, to undergo a civil fingerprinting process as part of state and national criminal history screening. The results would be used “to determine suitability of the applicant for the license.”

The fingerprinting process, to be administered by the police department, authorizes state and federal authorities to conduct criminal history background checks and subject to a $100 fee paid to police. Proceeds would be used toward a firearms fingerprint identity verification fund and a remainder used for administrative costs by the city.

The city council meets at 7 p.m., tonight, in council chambers at Haverhill City Hall.

One thought on “Door-to-Door Salespeople, Others Subject to City Criminal Checks

  1. Talk about violating someone’s civil rights. Just because someone makes their living selling items door to door instead of in a retail setting or online they are subject to figure printing by an intrusive Fascist government? And those records will be kept in a Federal database? It’s insanity !!!

    Since it’s based on subjective “suitability” how about putting ALL city employees AND their family members through this same process starting with the mayor and city councilors. The mayor has bragged that he’s a socialist democrat and proven it with his tax and spend policies….shouldn’t we know what he’s up to when not at work, not to mention his family members? Bring all the city councilors children in and get them finger printed…make it a fun thing…a “Lose your civil rights while at work day”…. Don’t the taxpayers of Haverhill have the right to know that city employees and their children are not up to something that’s not suitable!!!! Lots of sarcasm here but why not…if government thinks these policies are acceptable to private citizens then they must be okay for government workers too, right?