Ninth Shoe Bench Joins ‘Soles of Haverhill’ Series

Shoe sketch courtesy of Team Haverhill.

A ninth shoe bench is joining the “Soles of Haverhill” series.

A red shoe-bench, designed and created by Anne Beaulieu is coming to Nettle School by the end of 2015, according to Team Haverhill. The bench was donated by Pauline Meehan and conveys the theme, “A Footwear Timeline.” It is dedicated in memory of Beaulieu’s daughter, Jaclyn Lucca Tahboub, who died Dec. 31, 2013.

Here is the complete list of shoe benches.

Title: “A Flourishing Future”

Artist: Rob Sardella

Sponsor: Pentucket Bank

Temporary Location: Pentucket Bank Stadium Branch

Final Location (2016): Harbor Place


Title: “Seymour the Lion” (See More with the Lions)

Artist: Dawn Evans Scaltreto

Sponsor: Haverhill Lions Club

Dedication: In memory of Kenny Parker, a noble Lion, gone much too soon

Location: Corner of Greenleaf and South Main Streets


Title: “The Sole of Education”

Artists: Marc Mannheimer, Jaclyn Marr, and Adam Dorgan

Sponsor: Northern Essex Community College

Location: NECC Haverhill, Campus-Side Entrance to

Technology Center


Title: “Fishy Fashionistas”

Artists: Elizabeth Persing with Consentino School Students

Sponsors: Haverhill Public Schools Discovery Club and the STARS Residency Program of MA Cultural Council

Temporary Location: Riverwalk

Final Location (2016): Bradford Rail Trail


Title: “Footprints of Haverhill’s Future”

Artist: Emily Boulger, with staff and students of

Community Action Inc.

Sponsors: Community Action, Inc. and Pentucket Bank

Final Location: TBD


Title: “Morning Slipper”

Artists: Michael Glowacki and Jill Barry

Sponsor: Kevin B. Comeau Funeral Home

Location: Front Walk of Cogswell School/Art Center

Title: “Three Generations of Pharmacists”

Artist: Rob Sardella

Sponsor: The Barker Family and Paper Potpourri

Dedication: In memory of the Barker Pharmacists

Final Location (2015): Bradford Square


Title: “Dancing on the Merrimack”

Artists: Emily Boulger and Sharon Silverman

Sponsor: Public Contributions (organized by Shoe Town Art Studio) and Kayem Foods

Final Location (2015): Washington Square


Title: “A Footwear Timeline”

Artist: Anne Beaulieu

Sponsor: Pauline Meehan

Dedication: In Memory of Jaclyn Lucca Tahboub

Final Location: Nettle Middle School Grounds