Sullivan: Four New Condos in Acre ‘Key to the Future of Haverhill’

A plan to bring four new housing units in the Acre section moves one step closer to what Haverhill city councilors hope will be the beginning of more development in the area.

The Haverhill city council Tuesday night unanimously approved a special permit to developer Eric V. Dorman on plans to construct a four-unit, multifamily dwelling at a vacant lot, formerly numbered 69 Auburn St. The units would be sold as condominiums, at an estimated range from $220,000 to $250,000.

Councilor Thomas Sullivan said the inner core of the city is “key to the future of Haverhill” and he will look forward to more similar projects.

“It’s not just the outlying areas, it’s not the developments that will come down the pike for single families. We need to take care of what we have. And what you’re doing on that street, if we can replicate that a hundred times in the Acre, it would certainly bring the Acre back to prominence. My family grew up in the Acre so I know the history. So, I applaud you,” Sullivan said.

Council approval will send the proposal back to the planning board where a definitive plan for the housing project will be filed. The plan received a conditional favorable recommendation from the Haverhill Planning Board and from Economic Development and Planning Director William Pillsbury. It was also previously approved by the zoning board of appeals.

6 thoughts on “Sullivan: Four New Condos in Acre ‘Key to the Future of Haverhill’

  1. $220,000 to $250,000 on Auburn Street? Me thinks Tom Sullivan is smoking something! Why would anyone pay that kind of money for a condo that will be junked up in short order????? Does Tom really think there is ample justification for this price in that area of Haverhill???

  2. did either of you actually read the article before commenting? If so, you clearly didn’t understand what it said. Take a breath before you freak out and look foolish. What was said was that the key to the future of Haverhill is the “inner core of the city”, not this particular housing development.

  3. The key to the future of Haverhill is cleaning up the drug capital activities, and without giving away everyone’s weekly paycheck to a few administrators, make our school system desireable. I altogether too often hear of people moving into the City, but enrolling their kids in private/other school systems due to the reputation of the Haverhill system.
    I certainly hope our future isn’t tied to 4 housing units, an major overreach to make that statement.

  4. Haverhill city politicians are famous for making claims and saying things that are idiotic and make no sense. This ‘key to the future of Haverhill” statement just catapulted Sullivan right to the top of the list. Seriously….how completely out of touch with reality is this guy?