State May Pick Up Tab For Route 108-110 Improvements

As speed limits and heavy vehicle exclusions on a number of city streets in Haverhill will be reverting to state-approved standards, a state traffic study is planned for potential improvements to the Kenoza Avenue-route 108, Newton Road intersection.

That word coming from City Engineer John H. Pettis III as Haverhill city councilors approved his request to correct city-approved speed limits on portions of Kenoza Avenue and other streets which were not approved by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. The move would also require the city to spend for any new traffic studies before future speed limit changes.

Pettis told Councilor Thomas Sullivan the state’s plan could aid his recent proposal for safety improvements at the nearby entrance to Winnekenni Park.

Pettis: “The state has actually intimated that they’re very likely to take on the whole project themselves, including design costs.”

Sullivan: “And what about sidewalks.”

Pettis:  “Yeah. And as part of that would be, again, would be improving the 110-108 intersection and it would likely be redoing sidewalks at least down to the entrance to Winnekenni.

Sullivan: “Both sides of the street?”

Pettis:  “That’s to be determined, but again by doing sidewalks on both sides, what that does is narrow down the paved width so you have less distance for a crosswalk, makes it safer.

Sullivan: “And what about the pedestrian crosswalk, did they address the need for improvements to a pedestrian crosswalk?”

Pettis:  “Again, that will all be part of that study, yeah.”

Sullivan: “So they will improve (a) pedestrian crosswalk.”

Pettis:  “Yes.”

Sullivan said he had brought his proposal to state Representative Brian S. Dempsey of Haverhill. However, according to Pettis, the speed limit in that area would likely remain at the state-approved 40 miles per hour.

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