Rep. Dempsey Says He Has No Interest in UMass Lowell Leadership

Then-U.S. Senator John F. Kerry greets Barbara L'Italien and Rep. Brian S. Dempsey at a prior breakfast.

Then-U.S. Senator John F. Kerry greets Barbara L’Italien and Rep. Brian S. Dempsey at a Haverhill Democratic City Committee breakfast.

State Representative Brian S. Dempsey said he is not interested in the job of chancellor at UMass Lowell.

Speculation centered on Dempsey last Friday when Martin T. Meehan was elected the next president of the five-campus UMass system. Like Meehan, Dempsey, 48, calls UMass Lowell his alma mater. He became one of Haverhill’s state representatives in 1991 and currently serves as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

“I’m thrilled for Marty, he’ll do a great job. I have no interest in the UML position. I continue to enjoy the fun on Beacon Hill!” Dempsey told WHAV.

Dempsey graduated from the then-University of Lowell in 1988. He served as a Haverhill city councilor from 1988 to 1991.

Meehan has served as UMass Lowell chancellor for the past eight years after a career in the U.S. Congress.

5 thoughts on “Rep. Dempsey Says He Has No Interest in UMass Lowell Leadership

  1. He’s not getting back to you because it’s impossible for the hacks to keep track of the debt/graduation issue. When they are hiring “10” new hack employees to work in the UMass system for every “1” new additional student that’s difficult to keep track of.

    And besides, didn’t you catch Dempsey mocking Massachusetts taxpayers? Like the true Democrat he is, finding new ways to tax citizens and then spend all that money is just too much ‘fun’ to give up.

  2. “Term Limits” Meehan and “Ways & Means” Dempsey, a match made in heaven. I’m sure Brian said thanks for the $2K from Meehan and his wife who still has over $4 million in his campaign coffers to spread around.

    Of course, creating generational debt slaves at taxpayers expense is hard work without taking any risk on their own. What a coup. Someone let Brian know I’m still waiting to see the results of him and Beacon Hill “working on” the student debt/graduation issues at UMass, been a couple years, still no word from when I asked him. Meanwhile debt and costs continued to rise for students with no relief in sight. Brilliant.