Ex-Councilor Hall Working Free for Residents From Mayor’s Office

Photograph courtesy of League of Women Voters of Greater Haverhill.

Retired police officer and former City Councilor David E. Hall has been quietly responding to resident requests as part of the mayor’s staff since last fall.

Hall, 77, who was known to spar with Mayor James J. Fiorentini when he served as a city councilor, is now the mayor’s official “constituent service representative.” He works as a volunteer.

“I was on the council eight years and I had almost 40 years as a cop. People would call me for constituent help,” Hall told WHAV Monday. Since leaving office, however, “I didn’t have the clout to get things done,” he said. That’s when Fiorentini invited him to work out of the mayor’s office.

Hall said typical resident requests include complaints about recycling or seniors looking for tax relief. He explained some veterans and seniors worry about trash recycling violation notices they received. In some cases, these residents are not putting out recycling baskets because they are in Florida for the winter. For others—at age 85 or 90—they can’t lift the containers or don’t have enough to put out, Hall said. Some seniors also need help paying their taxes and are unaware of relief programs. In those cases, he introduces them to Assessor Stephen C. Gullo.

Hall said he also cuts grass at five city parks.

“I’m not out there for fanfare. The people love it. I’m busy all of the time.” Residents with a need or question may call Hall directly at (978) 886-0354.

3 thoughts on “Ex-Councilor Hall Working Free for Residents From Mayor’s Office

  1. Hey Dave Hall…you’re working on trash issues? How about calling Capitol Waste and demanding they that only hire Americans to work on trucks picking up trash in Haverhill. You of all people should be promoting hiring city contractors paid by Haverhill citizens who hire Americans only. Why should taxpayer dollars go to people who are breaking the law by even being in this country? Not to mention the threat they pose by being non-English speaking contractors working throughout city.

    Let me help you out Dave. Call Vinnie the Haverhill manager at Capitol Waste at 866-569-1718. I’m sure this message is going to get to you Dave, so report back to us what you did please!!

    • Now, now Jack, you know why Capitol got awarded the contract right? Jimmy got paid his yearly fee of $500. Actually though, it didn’t matter who won the contract because the company’s: Capitol Waste, Renewable Waste, and E-Z Disposal all have the same ties, they couldn’t lose! LMAO! Of course, they have been paying into the “pay-to-play” scheme here for well over a decade (well over $100K), so there’s really no competition since Jimmy and Brian get their pay days. The Essex DA I’m sure has an incentive to look away as well should any Local 25 shenanigans arise, Jonathan go this piece too.

  2. This is hysterical. Hall tries and succeeds to stoke the flames about the State of the art Food waste to energy facility, causing it to be scrapped and hoping to glide back into his council seat. Then, the Mayor sends out his dogs to keep Hall from winning, which he succeeds in doing, and now Hall and the Mayor suck up to each other. Only in Happy Haverhill, the new version of Hooterville where Mr. Haney rules !

    Maybe Mr. Hall can keep an eye on the bills that are due to be sure the city website and the electrical boxes aren’t shut off again !