UMass Names Meehan as its Next President

UMass-Lowell Chancellor Martin Meehan with Greater Haverhill Foundation Manager Ronald Trombley.

Martin T. Meehan, left, at the groundbreaking of Harbor Place in Haverhill.

The man responsible for bringing UMass Lowell to Haverhill’s planned Harbor Place, Martin T. Meehan, was unanimously elected today as the next president of the five-campus UMass system.

Meehan is a former congressman who became chancellor of his alma mater, UMass Lowell, and transformed it into a highly ranked national research university. Meehan, the eldest of seven children, who used his UMass Lowell education as a springboard to a distinguished career in congress and now to the presidency of the region’s largest and top-rated public university, said he was honored by the Board’s action and eager to build on the work he has done at the Lowell campus.

“Serving as chancellor of my alma mater, UMass Lowell, for the last eight years has been the most fulfilling period of my professional life, so I am excited about the opportunity to lead the University of Massachusetts system,” said Meehan. He will succeed President Robert L. Caret, who will step down June 30 to become chancellor of the 12-campus University System of Maryland.

“I thank the UMass board of trustees and the presidential search committee for their confidence. Massachusetts is synonymous with the best in higher education. We will seek to strengthen our position as a world-class public university system that is accessible, affordable and a catalyst for innovation and economic development in the Commonwealth,”  Meehan added.

Meehan was one of two finalists chosen by a 21-member committee, working with the executive search firm Korn Ferry. The other finalist was John A. Quelch, professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the former dean, vice president and Distinguished Professor of International Management at China Europe International Business School. Dr. Quelch was formerly chairman and member of the Massachusetts Port Authority.

The board of trustees met separately with each candidate in open session before voting to select Meehan as president. The board also authorized Chairman Woolridge to negotiate a contract with the president-elect.

Trustees cited Meehan’s strong record of achievement and success at UMass Lowell, his distinguished record of public service, his passion for UMass and its mission, and his ability to communicate and to inspire as being among the reasons for selecting him as the University’s 27th president. The former congressman will be the first UMass undergraduate alumnus to serve as President of the five-campus, 73,000-student system.

4 thoughts on “UMass Names Meehan as its Next President

  1. Marty Meehan has done a phenomenal job as Chancellor of UMass Lowell, transforming both the University and the Lowell skyline. His shoes at UMass Lowell will be hard to fill.

  2. The Board of Trustees are almost entirely devout and loyal Democrats, they just had to give the appearance of an impartial selection, which anyone with a pulse knew was anything but impartial. Of course, Marty is a money man, over $4 million still sitting in his CONgressional campaign coffers to hand out to his crony friends, which he does year after year.

    One of the most loyal donors over time of course has been The Fish Family, who ironically enough got that nice contract to build Harbor Place (Michael’s DelBrook Construction). How was that bidding process again? Open and transparent? The dad gave Marty thousands back in the day, the son’s of course continue the traditional, as John never fails and has given Beacon Hill pols over a $100k, filtering a lot through The Democratic State Committee. The sisters of course have bought up their share of properties in Haverhill through Peabody Properties, but appear to like a low profile.

    One thing all all have in common is their love for 40B. Harbor Place as well as a few other buildings in Haverhill all have 40B or in their plans. I mean, what could be better than to have a gift that keeps on giving to the Fish Family Trust Fund at the expense of taxpayers? It’s no wonder they spent tens-of-thousands against 40B reform in 2010, it’s too profitable to kill the Golden Goose of 40B.

    Of course nothing gets done in the crony state without the Beacon Hill, so Marty and The Fish Family make sure monies get to Representative Brian Dempsey, which is natural because as head of Ways & Means, he controls the purse stings of who to pay!

    So as Mr. “Term Limits” moves on to the UMass Flagship, maybe he can impoverish and put even more students into debt servitude! Massachusetts is already the poster child of rising poverty and income inequality, so why not add insult to The People of Massachusetts? Tens-of-millions of dollars, all circulating at or near a very small circle all the while The People of this state eat their cake. Well played Marty, well played.