City of Haverhill’s Website Goes Down on Patriot’s Day

The City of Haverhill’s website went down this morning.

Most popular city pages such as the mayor’s office, city clerk, treasurer and tax collector, water and wastewater and other pages at were not available. The Haverhill Public School’s website, which uses, was an exception.

Website access became more important to residents and businesses today as City Hall was closed because of the Patriot’s Day holiday. Because of the day off, city personnel were unavailable for comment.

As of noon, city websites remained unavailable.

4 thoughts on “City of Haverhill’s Website Goes Down on Patriot’s Day

  1. Didn’t realize this was down all day. I just tried to log on to pay my excise tax and realize the entire friggin website is down. Annoying as hell.

    • Thank you for your feedback. In fact, WHAV has reported its server outages and steps to improve service. See The city story became important because many are looking for the Haverhill City Council agenda for tomorrow, and City Hall is closed.