Council Approves Advancing Route 125 Signalization Study

The Haverhill city gave its unanimous support Tuesday to move up a proposed study of traffic congestion issues on route 125 connected to signalization between Monument Square and through Bradford to the Ward Hill connector.

Following a discussion raised by council Vice President Robert Scatamacchia, councilors voted to refer the matter to the city engineer as well as to Mayor James J. Fiorentini. According to Scatamacchia, residents have complained of delays

“We don’t need all the signalization, maybe some of them can be blinking lights, some of them should certainly be working lights, but just to try to make traffic a little bit smoother for people who have to travel that route everyday. I think it’s something that I’d like to have referred to either whoever the council feels the appropriate authority would be, whether it would be the engineer’s office or the traffic and safety committee,” Scatamacchia said.

An upgrade of the Bradford stretch of route 125 was completed last year under a state road improvement project.

3 thoughts on “Council Approves Advancing Route 125 Signalization Study

  1. Permanently disable except when firetrucks are coming the moronic light in front of the Bradford fire station. Backs traffic to the old Ralph’s restaurant!! Crazy

  2. I would rather they fix the lights at the water / Merrimack st intersection. The other day it took 8 light cycles to turn left to go over the bridge to Bradford. Totally wasting time for many people. I don;t understand why the simple things are the hardest to fix in this city.