Haverhill Goes Hollywood Today as ‘Joy’ Filming Begins

An artist paints “Charlie’s Hardware” lettering in the window of a Washington Street building.

Motorists in downtown Haverhill will face detours and parking restrictions Tuesday in the Washington Square area as a film crew shoots scenes on Washington Street between 7 a .m and 11 p.m. for the motion picture “Joy.”

According to Mayor James J. Fiorentini, Washington Street downtown will be closed to vehicular traffic and parking, except emergency vehicles, but open to pedestrian activity as businesses will be open.

Parking lots near Maria’s Restaurant and the Post Office will be closed. Wingate Street will be open and the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA) bus Terminal will be up and running, Fiorentini said.

However, those who may be hoping to meet any Hollywood actors filming on location may be a bit disappointed. “Unfortunately there is no public autograph time—we tried,” Fiorentini said.

Crews were at work over the weekend placing signage and other scenery transforming springtime Washington Street into Christmas season in downtown Dallas.

“Joy,” reportedly set in the 1980s and 1990s, is directed by David O. Russell and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and reportedly includes Bradley Cooper and Edgar Ramirez. Filming began last month in Boston. Crews have been previously spotted in Wilmington, North Reading, Winchester and Lynn.