Methuen Chief Uses Video to Reassure Citizens After Shootings

Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon recorded a video yesterday, aiming to reassure residents that a murder and a second shooting incident were “targeted” attacks.

Police arrested a suspect in a second shooting Tuesday night and said the incident is unrelated to a homicide Monday. In a recorded message released Wednesday, Solomon said Tuesday’s incident occurred on Craven Street.

“Officers arrived to the call. They located spent shell casings. A call was put out to area departments to be on the lookout for a vehicle. Massachusetts State Police located that vehicle shortly thereafter. A pursuit occurred. Lawrence Police, Methuen Police, Massachusetts State Police set up a perimeter. Two subjects were located, one was the operator of the vehicle who was arrested and was subsequently arrested and charged with conducting the shooting on Craven Street in Methuen.”

Solomon emphasized there is no danger to average residents.

“And again, even though it was a shooting and it brings alarm to us, it was directly related to the subjects that the person was going after. There was no intent to do random harm, it was a targeted attack,” Solomon said.

The chief assured Methuen residents despite the incidents, they should “feel safe and comfortable in their homes.”

“Even though, unfortunately, we have lost a life in the city of Methuen and had a second shooting in one week, both incidents were specific to the individuals that were targeted and were not acts of random violence,” Solomon said.

One male victim died in Monday’s shooting at a residence on Philips Street, Methuen. There was no word from authorities about any suspect in that case. An investigation by Methuen Police, state police and the Essex district attorney’s office determined it was also an isolated incident, Solomon said.

Solomon also asked Methuen residents who hear noises resembling gunshots to call police at either 911 or (978) 983-8677.