East Broadway Used Car Proposal Returns to City Council

A failed request by the owner of an automotive service business on East Broadway near Groveland Street to also operate a 10-vehicle used car lot on the site may have found new life under a revised plan.

In a repetitive petition, Devon Tucker, doing business as Ideal Service Center, is now requesting a special permit from the Haverhill city council to allow a maximum two vehicles for sale at the business, 7-9 East Broadway. They would be stored behind privacy gates, according to Tucker.

On March 24, city councilors rejected the original 10-vehicle used car sales lot plan after neighbors and other community members voiced concerns about potential impacts to the neighborhood, including parking spaces and traffic and safety issues for pedestrians. A revised motion by Councilor William J. Macek to limit four vehicles within a rear enclosure fell one vote short of a required two thirds majority.

The new plan will be referred to the Haverhill Planning Board, which previously approved the 10-vehicle proposal. The city council is expected to schedule a public hearing on June 2 for the new plan.

Also on the council agenda, Councilor Melinda Barrett has requested discussions over increased traffic issues on Laurel Avenue, including speeding and MVRTA bus access to its garage facility.

The Haverhill City Council meets at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in council chambers at Haverhill City Hall.