Andover Residents Shake Up Town Government

New Selectmen Robert A Landry with his family.

Andover voters returned most of their elected leaders to office during Tuesday’s town elections. However, some new faces are joining the elected panels.

Susan K. McCready and Ted E. Teichert are the newest school committee members. Teichert defeated David A. Birnbach by 376 votes, according to unofficial results released Wednesday. McCready and Teichert each will serve a three-year term.

Robert A Landry and Daniel H Kowalski are the board of selectmen for a three-year term. Landry defeated Brian P. Major with 217 votes. Landry was co-creator of the website along with the late Greg Rigby. The site reports its goal “is to promote greater financial clarity and transparency so town residents have the information they need to make decisions on town matters.”

Charles A Hanes fills an empty spot for the Punchard School trustees and joins re-elected Eric Stubenhaus for a three-year term.

Sheila M. Doherty, the town’s moderator, continues for another year term.

Incumbent Ann W. Gilbert continues on the Andover school committee for a one year term and Marilyn M. Fitzgerald is re-elected to the greater Lawrence Technical school committee for a three year term.

Francis A O’Connor continues on the housing authority for a five-year term.

One thought on “Andover Residents Shake Up Town Government

  1. I’m so proud of my neighbors for retiring an entrenched incumbent selectman of two decades and replacing him with a newcomer who has clearly demonstrated his knowledge of the facts and his drive at town meetings and also at his waste-watchdog website. TownOfAndover.Com is a great resource given to us to help keep us informed as to how the town spends, borrows, and often wastes our money. We taxpayers have organized, mobilized, and spoken loudly & clearly at the ballot box as to what we expect to see as far as financial efficiency and fiscal responsibility. We simply want a great value for our hard-earned tax dollar, as well as not to mortgage our town’s future away. Our town finances need to be run like household finances should be run…by not spending more than we earn. I hope this election sends a clear message to all town officials that we put them there to represent our best interests, not their own. It is very encouraging to see the voter turnout at approximately 15%, which is 3 times that of last year, but we still need to improve this number. Everyone needs to start a dialog with their neighbor and keep the conversation going and most of all we need EVERYONE to PARTICIPATE in our town voting process.