Mystery Surrounds Scatamacchia School Resignation

Details have yet to be disclosed surrounding the resignation of the transportation director for the Haverhill Public Schools, City Council Vice President Robert H. Scatamacchia.

Scatamacchia confirmed the resignation from the school department job to WHAV, but did not go into details as to the circumstances.

“It just wasn’t working out. I had other…I don’t know, it just wasn’t working out,” Scatamacchia said.

Haverhill Public Schools Superintendent James F. Scully told WHAV Scatamacchia’s resignation was submitted late Tuesday afternoon. He said he had a brief meeting with Scatamcchia, during which he thanked him for his work since accepting the transportation job last November.

Scatamacchia was selected for the $60,000-per-year position from a field of six applicants to fill a vacancy created last year by the passing of longtime Transportation Supervisor Kevin Eldridge. He chose to forgo his salary as city council vice president while working for the school district.

While Scatamacchia said he will continue serving on the city council, he told WHAV he had no other plans for the immediate future.

“I don’t know, to be honest with you. I had nothing, it’s… maybe retirement,” Scatamacchia said.

According to Scully, the transportation supervisor vacancy will soon be re-posted and a search for a successor to Scatamacchia will be conducted by the department’s personnel director.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Surrounds Scatamacchia School Resignation

  1. Very interesting that it wasn’t working out. Maybe, just maybe, he was in over his head ? Many folks told me he didn’t have the needed experience. Maybe he did but didn’t like the environment. It’s hard to go from having total control to being strapped to a desk. Then again, most would have stayed strapped to the desk for that pension deal. Wait….maybe that’s the reason. Pressure about the pension set up deal. You never know what the man behind the curtain is doing……until you pull back the curtain.