Haverhill to Receive Extra $225K From State for Road Repairs

Haverhill and other Merrimack Valley Communities are to share in a $30 million appropriation by Governor Charles D. Baker to contain road potholes and other infrastructure damage from the winter weather

Haverhill will receive $225,241, while Andover will receive $208,633; Methuen, $178,633; and Groveland, $32,036.

The administration launched the Winter Recovery Assistance Program, a $30 million targeted effort to assist cities and towns with repairs to roads and bridges under municipal jurisdiction, according to a state Department of Transportation spokesperson.

The $30 million has been allocated from the existing fiscal 2015 bond authorization for the department. While the WRAP is a distinct effort separate from the Chapter 90 program, to ensure equity, the funds will be distributed to cities and towns based on the Chapter 90 formula.

The Chapter 90 formula determines the apportionment of funding for municipal roads and bridges based on a weighted average of a city or town’s population, employment and total mileage of roads.

Under the WRAP, cities and towns may seek reimbursement of expenditures related to patching potholes, pavement cracking, surface defects and paving projects; repair or replacement of damaged signs, guardrail and storm drains; and line striping.

To accelerate local repairs, the WRAP requires all work on municipal infrastructure to be completed by June 30, and for all work invoices to be provided to the state by July 31.

City Or Town Miles 2013 Pop 2010 Emp 2013 Apportionment
Amesbury 60.22 16,283 4,777 $60,583
Andover 187.71 33,201 33,796 $208,633
Boxford 89.97 7,965 790 $62,628
Georgetown 56.22 8,183 2,297 $45,680
Groveland 39.45 6,459 1,249 $32,036
Haverhill 216.99 60,879 19,711 $225,241
Merrimac 37.31 6,338 788 $29,758
Methuen 174.55 47,255 15,382 $178,633
Newbury 53.61 6,666 1,500 $41,139
Newburyport 67.29 17,416 10,859 $77,626
West Newbury 45.78 4,235 695 $32,608