Healey in Haverhill to Warn Against Texting and Driving

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey visited Haverhill Monday to help drive home the message against texting and driving to local high School students.

Healey was joined in a gathering at Haverhill High School by Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, Superintendent James F. Scully, Haverhill High Principal Beth Kitsos and a representative from AT&T, a co-sponsor of the “It Can Wait” campaign.

“Speaker after speaker talked about the dangers of texting while driving and at the end of the presentation, students were invited to sign the It Can Wait pledge, in which students promise they will never text and drive,” a Haverhill Public Schools spokesperson said.

“As prom and graduation season approaches, the focus on safe driving is very important.”

“According to data from insurance companies, medical providers and public safety officials, texting and driving is as dangerous as driving drunk and is considered impaired driving because the vehicle operator can’t remain fully focused while reading or writing a text,” a spokesperson said.

“It Can Wait” is an informational campaign sponsored by AT&T and the USAA Educational Foundation.