Haverhill Loses 234 Jobs; Gov. Baker Names Task Force

Haverhill lost 234 jobs between December and January and its unemployment rate edged up to six percent, state figures show.

Job losses statewide are due to seasonal job losses, according to the state’s Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Nonetheless, Governor Charles Baker yesterday named a task force to look at long-term unemployment in places like Haverhill.

“Chronically unemployed populations and regions of our commonwealth require collaboration with our educators and business community to break down the barriers to economic growth and job creation for everyone,” said Baker when naming the “Economic Opportunity for Populations Facing Chronically High Rates of Unemployment” task force. “Too many Massachusetts workers have become discouraged as a growing economy unfortunately leaves them behind. This task force will build upon the workforce development practices we know work and replicate them across the Commonwealth to create more opportunities for employment everywhere.”

Methuen lost 145 jobs, causing its unemployment rate to rise to six percent. Andover lost 73 jobs, while Groveland lost 22. The unemployment rate for both towns stands at 4.1 percent. Lawrence remains a statistical outlier in the state, losing 319 jobs and having an unemployment rate of 10.4 percent.

Baker’s task force is charged with focusing on “target populations” facing chronically high unemployment. African Americans, Hispanic or Latino Americans, certain groups of veterans and persons with disabilities continue to see higher than average annual unemployment rates between seven and 12 percent despite an annual average state unemployment rate of 5.8 percent, the governor’s office said.

6 thoughts on “Haverhill Loses 234 Jobs; Gov. Baker Names Task Force

  1. you convert industrial space to residential and propose a school in an industrial park, drive retail away with Dempsey’s sales tax as well as jimmy’s parking meters=no jobs

  2. Another Task Force….. How about that! And how much money will that cost us? As if a Task Force will help the Haverhill jobless situation. How about concentrating on employment for American Citizens for a change, regardless of their race or anything else?

    Then —– on the other hand, we are spending money as though it is candy on all of those BOZOS who are working on the 2024 Massachusetts Olympics Committee which will cost us even more money. What we do have here in Massachusetts is welfare for unemployed politicians. I am sure that helps immensely. NOT…..

      • The Olympics may make a few bucks for Boston, but the cost of planning, construction, etc. far exceeds money made on the games so there is a NET DRAIN on the economy in most instances and the way Massachusetts spends money, you can bet the end result will be a loss of money rather than the big pay-day you predict.

  3. What a surprise, even with massive Affirmative Action in this state, minorities, minus Asians, are still far behind. Who would have though that poor cities, being used as political pawns and have no way of supporting themselves would have a poor economic disposition? Throw even more money and deficit spending at to these poor cities, that will work!