Methuen Mayor Zanni Receives Anti-Bullying Award

Methuen Mayor Stephen N. Zanni has become the first mayor in the nation to be honored with a National Bullying Prevention Award by the School Safety Advocacy Council.

Zanni was presented the 2015 award at the National Conference on Bullying, Feb. 25, in Orlando, Fla. He has lived in Methuen for more than 30 years and has a 36-year background in teaching and school administration.

“This honor from the School Safety Advocacy Council is humbling indeed,” said Zanni. “Bullying is one of the most serious problems plaguing our schools and young people today. It hits at the heart of self-esteem, performance in the classroom, and in social activities. I am extremely honored to be recognized by this important organization.”

Zanni was recognized by the School Safety Advocacy Council for “being a positive role model to our children, and for providing innovative approaches to education and safety,” according to a spokesperson.

“Zanni has been committed to the safety and security of all Methuen schools and has constantly advocated for increased methods and tactics. He authorized and supported a public private partnership between the school department, the police determent and a private contractor to increase safety. The result of three years of testing and research and development a state of the art automatic shot detection system has been installed in one of Methuen’s schools.”

In addition, Zanni has taken on leadership roles working directly with the youth of Methuen, as a volunteer coach for youth and high school athletics and as a member of the Methuen Youth Commission.