Breaking: Tanker Train ‘Stuck’ at Rosemont Street Crossing, Haverhill

Automobile traffic backed up on both sides of the MBTA railroad crossing on Rosemont Street around 10 p.m., Thursday night.

Haverhill police were at the scene after reportedly being called by the MBTA. Gates were down, lights flashing and alerts beeping at the Rosemont Street crossing, not far from Hilldale Avenue.

Visible immediately to the west of the crossing was a seemingly abandoned tanker car, marked “Ti-Pure, Titanium Dioxide.” Haverhill police said the train appeared to be “stuck,” but was later moved along.

Calls to MBTA and Pan Am Railways, operator of freight service along the route, were unsuccessful at deadline. Officials either did not return calls or dispatchers said they could provide no information.

The track also services Amtrak’s Downeaster line between Boston and Portland, Maine, and less frequently as far north as Brunswick, Maine.

Titanium dioxide is a used as a pigment, and may be found in paint, sunscreen or food coloring.

Rosemont Street neighbors try to learn what is happening.

Rosemont Street neighbors try to learn what is happening. (WHAV News photographs.)

3 thoughts on “Breaking: Tanker Train ‘Stuck’ at Rosemont Street Crossing, Haverhill

  1. The state of the railroad system in the Northeast at least, is abominable. Rail beds won’t allow trains of any kind to move at any decent rate of speed, they are not conducive to smooth ride, passenger coaches are for the most part old, dirty extremely poorly maintained, and the companies that run freight and commuter systems are stealing revenue and putting nothing, nothing into maintenance. Any and all agencies the are controlled by any form of government, state, local, or federal are an unmitigated disaster. Those we elect to govern and provide for the common good are charlitains in sheep’s clothing. They are in office for one thing and one thing only, to line their pockets and pad retirement income. All should be removed from office and real servants need to be put in their place.