Haverhill’s Even Side Street Parking Continues in March

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini says the even-side overnight winter parking rules for the month of February will be carried over into the month of March.

In his latest “Minute With The Mayor” address, Fiorentini said the city has thus far received “over 7.5 feet of snow in Haverhill within a very short period of time. We’ve never seen anything like this.”

“We have right now in the city what the highway people call a frozen snow bank situation. Because of the extreme cold weather and the large amount of snow, the snow banks are up to 10 feet high and are a solid block of ice, that’s extremely difficult to remove. In many parts of our city, residents have shoveled out parking spaces for themselves on the even side of the street. They will find it very difficult if not impossible to move to the odd side of the street come March first,” Fiorentini said.

Fiorentini is also asking residents for their continued patience as snow removal efforts and requests are prioritized by city crews.

“We’re well aware of the fact that snow banks are high everywhere, including on my own street. We have hundreds and hundreds of requests for snow removal. The highway department is doing everything it can, it’s prioritizing, by trying to remove snow from some of the most dangerous intersections and near our schools, but its just not possible to get to all of the requests, on all of the streets,” Fiorentini said.

According to Fiorentini, snow removal costs for Haverhilll so far is “already double” the average $1.3 million dollars in annual costs.

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