Pentucket Schools Clear Snow, Reopening on Schedule

Pentucket Regional High School.

“Significant progress has been made” on snow removal efforts at Pentucket Regional School District schools, including the removal of all of the snow that caused concern over the safety of the rooftops, according to Superintendent Jeff Mulqueen.

Students are on February break this week. Mulqueen said schools are set to re-open as scheduled on Monday.

“Nearly 200 workers, including employees of the school district, private contractors, and the towns of Groveland, West Newbury and Merrimac, have labored for more than a week to successfully clear snow from 215,000 square feet of rooftops at the four elementary schools, Middle School and Pentucket Regional High School,” Mulqueen said.

The frequent and intense snow storms between Jan. 27 and Feb. 9 raised concerns about the weight of snow on roofs.  Monitored levels of snow encroached on the weight capacity of roofs when the District decided to close schools.  Approximately 3,225 tons of snow have been removed during these past few days, according to a news release.

“The high level of collaboration among towns and the District expedited the work and kept everyone safe,” Mulqueen said in a letter to parents, faculty and staff.

The amount of snow, caused by repeated major winter storms without any significant melting, moved Mulqueen to cancel classes last week, with the caveat that work, including administrative tasks, repairs, maintenance and, notably, snow removal would continue while the students were at home.

“I appreciate that last week presented unusual circumstances for families,” Mulqueen said. “Given the difficulties recently reported by schools in nearby communities and the substantial snow storm that occurred over the last weekend, I am glad that this difficult decision was made.”

The snow removal work was overseen by Greg Hadden, the district’s facilities manager.

“I am grateful to Greg and the entire team of 200 workers for their tireless efforts, and I appreciate the support of our communities,” Mulqueen said. “This massive effort could only be accomplished with everyone working productively together.”