Parents Weigh In: No Changes to Feb. School Vacation

The current school year calendar for Haverhill Public Schools “will stand as is,” according to Superintendent James F. Scully.

In a follow-up e-mail message to parents Friday, Scully said “a significant number of parents were in agreement” with his proposed adjustments to February and April vacation weeks to make up recent snow days. However, an agreement could not be reached during a meeting Wednesday between school leaders and the teachers union.

“Some families and staff had already made vacation plans and we were making plans to adjust for those situations,” Scully said.

Haverhill Education Association President Joseph Cunha told WHAV Scully’s plan was premature.

“They can call four more snow days and we’re still ok, because the law says you go until June 30 to get your 180 days in. If you can’t make your 180 days by June 30, then you have to do something,” Cunha said. (See related story.)

According to Scully, he has received input from parents on alternatives to his proposal.

“Some have suggested “blizzard bags” as is used in New Hampshire. In Massachusetts, there are two pilot programs being explored, however, no district is authorized to use such alternative methods. Some have proposed adding hours to the school day; the reality is that the district must still meet the 180 school day requirement,” Scully said.

“There will be changes in the marking periods and others scheduled activities for the period from March 2015 to June 2015. These changes will be posted to our website in the very near future,” Scully added.

2 thoughts on “Parents Weigh In: No Changes to Feb. School Vacation

  1. So sorry to hear that you will be inconvenienced by changes in school holidays, the teachers trump parents because they don’t have to work beyondJune 30. Nice job eh?