Plaistow Considers Passenger Train Service from Haverhill Tuesday

A proposal to extend the Haverhill commuter rail line over state line goes to a public hearing at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in the Great Hall at Plaistow Town Hall, Plaistow, N.H.

Last September, the Plaistow Commuter Rail Extension Study group released an alternatives overview map, outlining three potential site plans for a commuter rail station and train layover facility. One of the alternatives calls for a commuter rail station off Westville Road near route 125, separate from a train layover facility on the Haverhill side of the border, parallel to the upper Hilldale Avenue industrial park. Two other alternatives would locate combined commuter and layover stations in the Westville neighborhood, or off the Main Street railroad crossing.

Tuesday’s public hearing comes after an informative session held by the study group last October. At the time, the city of Haverhill had been invited to send a representative to the meetings, but had declined to do so, officials report. The Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, which represents several communities including Haverhill, however, has sent Todd Fontanella to project advisory committee meetings.