WHAV Challenge: List Haverhill Institutions Lost Since 1950

Here’s a challenge.

1) Please help WHAV compile a list of major city institutions lost since 1950. To keep the list somewhat manageable, include Haverhill-based or owned non-profit institutions and regulated businesses. Exclude mergers/acquisitions where the institution remained under Haverhill-based ownership.

The hypothesis being explored here is that each loss has harmed local employment, limited the pool of volunteers available to civic and cultural organizations, reduced local purchases, cut donations and grants and generally removed wealth from the city.

The rationale for each new merger is blamed on one of the factors above. Yet, each additional loss exacerbates the problem. Here’s an example list:

  •  Bradford College
  • Glynn Memorial Nursing Home
  • Haverhill Gas Co.
  • Haverhill Municipal (Hale) Hospital
  • Haverhill National Bank
  • Haverhill Savings Bank/Family Bank
  • Merrimack Valley National Bank
  • Northeast Cultural Arts Center
  • United Way/Community Chest
  • Western Electric
  • WXRV (now officially licensed to Andover)
  • YMCA (now merged into North Shore)
  • YWCA (now part of Greater Lawrence YWCA)

2) Optionally, list existing institutions you believe may be endangered and explain why.

You will receive on-air and online recognition for your contributions. Add to the list in the comments section or visit WHAV’s Facebook page.

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