School Committee Members Skip Duties for Baker Party

toohey_ballIf you were looking for a Haverhill School Committee meeting on the public access Education Channel Thursday night, you saw a high school basketball instead. The school committee’s scheduled regular meeting was cancelled due to a “lack of quorum,” according to Haverhill Public Schools.

However, Facebook photographs shows school committee members Scott Wood, Shaun Toohey and Maura Ryan Ciardiello at Governor Charles D. Baker Thursday night inaugural ball. Wood’s photograph shows him standing with Baker and wearing inaugural credentials. Member Paul A. Magliocchetti, an attorney, was representing a client at Thursday’s license commission meeting.

It is unknown at this time if the listed agenda from Thursday, including discussions on rising special education costs, will be rescheduled prior to the next regularly-scheduled meeting. A schedule on the school department’s website indicates the school committee will next meet in regular session on Thursday, Jan. 22.

4 thoughts on “School Committee Members Skip Duties for Baker Party

  1. How much effort does it take to notifty people “properly” that you will not be attending a meeting? It is common courtesty to do this in any situation. By the way, what is happening with the “ethics” board looking into a closed FaceBook page for Haverhill parents? Shouldn’t that be open to any parent and how does a school committee person administer the FaceBook page? It begs the question.

  2. That’s a lot of expense money for what purpose? I would hope that expense reports would be required for this dough. As an active school person who knows a lot about these members can tell you that few (if any) of the current School Committee members do much more than attend meetings twice a month (except November, December, July and August when there’s only one meeting), budget meetings and a very few special subcommittee meetings. Not too far from their houses to City Hall so what’s the expense?

    In the past school committee members attended regional and statewide training and meetings using this expense money. But not this crew. Haverhill citizens elected at least three members whose primary concern is politics, making themselves look good, and getting whatever they can for them selves…oh and they also like the status of being an elected official. Unfortunately a good politician doesn’t make a good elected official and vice versa. Perceived CHARM is not the same as COMPETENCE

  3. My only question would be: Did the rest of the committee know beforehand they were not going to be in attendance ? Was there notification of their absence ? am sure if the rest of the committee knew, they would have canceled the meeting beforehand right ? If not, then shame on them for misleading the public on a meeting that was to be held.