Six New Patrol Officers on Haverhill Streets

Haverhill now has six new patrol officers on the street.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini congratulated Chery Victoria, Kyle McCann, Bethany Boyle, Shawn O’Brien, Zachary Phair and Christopher Matatall for completing police academy studies and beginning work in uniform.

“It is great to get the new graduates on the street, I congratulate all of them for their hard work at the academy. Public safety is one of my priorities and getting police officers hired, trained and on the street, makes our city a safe place to live and work.”

During the last two years, Fiorentini said, the city added 10 new police officers, bringing the total to the highest number of police officers hired over the last six years. It takes time to recruit, train and swear in new police officers.

2 thoughts on “Six New Patrol Officers on Haverhill Streets

  1. This is great to see. New blood is always good. The Mayor loves say he “hired” 10 cops, being the “most in 6 years”. How many did the department “LOSE” during that time Mr. Mayor and what has been the net gain in cops on the street over the last ten years ?