Haverhill Schools Receive $500,000 Wi-Fi Grant

Haverhill Public Schools will receive a $500,000 grant to improve wireless Internet access, according to state Representative Brian S. Dempsey.

The grant, coming in fiscal year 2016, allows Haverhill Public Schools to expand their W-Fi network, mainly in the lower grades where wireless Internet is severely lacking. Dempsey says that this grant will, “help modernize our entire school system and ensure that our students have access to the technology that is so critical to their education.”

“Representative Dempsey’s help in getting this funding for the children of Haverhill once again stimulates student interest and teachers’ faith in the government’s efforts to provide children with opportunities in the city of Haverhill,” said Superintendent James F. Scully. “This grant equalizes the playing field between our urban schools and our suburban neighbors.”

State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives and Representatives Linda Dean Campbell and Diana Dizoglio were also credited for obtaining the grant.

The project will begin during the summer, pending the receipt of the majority of funding in fiscal 2016, which begins July 1.