Life Underground in New Modern Drama This Week

Blue Hours Productions presents new episodes of “Suspense.” (Courtesy photograph.)

cpb_logo_webTwo new episodes of modern audio drama are heard during this week’s nightly drama line-up on WHAV. Both feature different takes on life underground.

The subway tunnels beneath New York City are home to a special police squad—and the cosmic horror from which it protects humanity. “Far Below” is heard during Blue Hours Productions’ new episode of Suspense, Monday night at 10 a.m. with an encore performance at 1 a.m.

Adapted from the short story by Robert Barbour Johnson “Far Below” stars Daamen Krall and Catherine Kamei.

Continuing L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz adventures, Radio Theater Project delivers Dorothy’s third adventure beyond Kansas, the Land of the Mangaboos Tuesday night at 10 p.m. and again at 1 a.m. A crack in the Earth opens during an earthquake, depositing Dorothy and her new friends Zeb and Eureka the Cat far below the surface. There they meet the coldhearted vegetable people who inhabit the land beneath the Earth. Also meeting on old friend from her first adventure in Oz—the Wizard. Adapted for radio by Joseph McGuire.