Scatamacchia Outlines School Bus Vision

The incoming transportation supervisor for the Haverhill Public Schools, City Councilor Robert H. Scatamacchia, is outlining his vision of what lies ahead in his new post.

Scatamachia begins work Monday, after being hired by Superintendent James F. Scully from among six candidates. Scatamacchia told WHAV his priorities are safety for students on buses and working within the transportation budget to give taxpayers the most for their school dollars. A possible step would be to coordinate bus routes with lower ridership.

“There are some buses I think that are jam-packed, and there some bus routes that need to be looked at as far as maybe some type of consolidation. And those are the things I think we’ll be looking at. As far as consolidation is concerned, I think those are the things that we have to look at to run a cost-efficient transportation system for the school department,” Scatmacchia said.

Scatamacchia will receive a $60,000 per year salary for the transportation supervisor position. He told WHAV he would forego his salary as city council vice president while working for the Haverhill Public Schools.