Dr. Robert Cipro Receives St. Luke’s Award

Dr. Robert Cipro is this year’s recipient of the St. Luke’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medicine.

The medical staff at both Holy Family Hospital, Methuen, and Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley, Haverhill, said Cipro demonstrated the highest clinical, educational and ethical ideals of the healing profession. Candidates must also demonstrate high value and dignity for life, to Holy Family Hospital, to its medical staff affairs and respective missions, and to community service in a manner which has made a significant impact on the quality of life in Greater Lawrence.

“Dr. Cipro’s commitment to quality care for his patients was one of the driving factors that earned him this award. We are proud to have him on staff because physicians like Dr. Cipro have played a large role in helping Holy Family Hospital, Methuen, achieve recognition as a Healthgrades Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence, an honor we have attained for three consecutive years,” said Holy Family Hospital President Joseph Roach.

Award recipients must have been associated with Holy Family Hospital for at least 25 years. In most instances a single practitioner is honored, however under unusual circumstances, more than one award may be presented for active or retired practitioners, or to deceased members, who otherwise meet the ideals embodied in the award.

“Dr. Cipro exemplifies the essence of the St. Luke’s Award with years of dedicated service, commitment and caring for the patients and community at Holy Family Hospital,” said Dr. Vartan Yeghiazarians president of the medical staff at Holy Family Hospital.

Award recipient are chosen by a select panel of Holy Family Hospital physicians, administrators, the Medical Executive Committee, the medical staff president and its chief executive officer, from a list of eligible physicians.

“Dr. Cipro has dedicated the vast majority of his professional career serving the community of Holy Family Hospital. He is a caring healer, trusted colleague and committed leader,” said Dr. John Alexander, vice president of medical affairs at Holy Family Hospital.

The award was presented to Cipro on October 16, 2014 at Atkinson Country Club in Atkinson, N.H.

“This was an evening of fun and celebration hosted by Holy Hospital, with my family, friends, and colleagues all in attendance. In my office, not a day goes by that I am not given thanks by patients for caring for them, or a family member, which makes me feel like a family doctor,” said Cipro. “On this night I was thanked and honored by my medical colleagues for 42 years of service to the community and that was very special.”

Holy Family Hospital is a 383-bed acute-care hospital with two campuses, Holy Family Hospital in Methuen and Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley in Haverhill.