Mayor Responds to Comcast Critics

Some Haverhill residents are grumbling about local cable rates and the city’s inability to draw in competition under the current, so-called “open” cable contract.

In a Facebook chat with Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini, several residents are seeking options for competition with local provider Comcast, such as encouraging service from Verizon Fios, to make cable TV service more affordable. However, Mayor Fiorentini says despite several invitations and conversations with Verizon officials, “they were not interested.” According to Fiorentini, Verizon is not expanding its Fios service in any place, but at some point is going to a satellite system.

“If I weren’t mayor and had to watch council meetings, I would get the dish. Comcast is outrageous. I have told top local Comcast executives that rather bluntly,” Fiorentini adds.

The city of Haverhill is at the halfway point of its current 10-year, “open” cable contract with Comcast.