Students Relate Personal Loss at HHS 9/11 Memorial

Photo: Metal artist Dale Rogers checks out the 9/11 memorial fountain that he helped to create.

The anniversary of 9/11 observed Thursday by Haverhill Public Schools with a memorial dedication ceremony at Haverhill High School.

Every year, Kristin and Tyler Marino, a junior and freshman, respectively, at Haverhill High School, acknowledge the anniversary of Sept. 11 with their classmates during ceremonies to honor first responders and to memorialize the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives that day.

This year, the pair’s 2,000 classmates learned that Sept. 11 carries a deeper meaning for the brother and sister. It was the day they lost their father, Kenneth Marino, a New York City firefighter.

The Haverhill Public School Department’s annual Sept. 11 memorial observance on Thursday morning featured a speech by their mother, Katrina Marino, and the unveiling of a memorial fountain dedicated to the memory of all those lost in the terrorist attack on 9/11, whether on the four planes, in and around the Twin Towers, or at the Pentagon.

The Sept. 11 memorial fountain at Haverhill High School is located in a corner of the grassy area to the right of the entrance to the auditorium.

It was designed by metal sculptor Dale Rogers and landscape artist Carl Campbell from WaterScape New England. Mr. Campbell’s daughter, Lydia, is a junior at Haverhill High School.

The fountain is a square pool with a raised edge of flat fieldstones, with water cascading from all four sides. Two metal rectangles, set at angles from each other reminiscent of the placement of the two World Trade Center towers, rise from the pool of water.

It is modeled after a similar fountain in New York City.