Voters Go to Polls Tuesday; Market Basket Figures in Pol Flap

Local communities preparing for next Tuesday’s state primary election in Massachusetts. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., Tuesday, in most communities. The Haverhill City Clerk’s office reminds local voters, who will be away, the deadline for absentee ballots is at noon, Monday, Sept. 8.

Meanwhile, the group of Market Basket workers that recently protested for the return of company president and CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is defending Massachusetts Senator Barry Finegold (D-Andover) and his political advertising featuring protesting workers in his primary election bid for Treasurer.

Responding to mixed online reviews of Finegold’s television ad, the group known as “Save Market Basket” said on Facebook they feel a sense of unease anytime anybody tries to selfishly gain off of the efforts of others, but, “We do not believe this to be the case with Senator Finegold nor do we feel the bashing he is taking by some is warranted.”

“Involving politicians in our cause was a hot button issue throughout the summer and any time we implored them for help a firestorm of comments was sure to follow. We took the position that we would welcome anyone who wished to help us Save Market Basket as we needed all the help we could get,” the group said.

Save Market Basket” also said, “He initiated a boycott with his peers and this act was one of many key events which helped us win. For his actions we will always be grateful, in the same way we are eternally grateful to anyone who fought alongside us with their words or actions.”