Holy Family Hospital Plans to Remain in Haverhill

Essent renamed the Hale Hospital as Merrimack Valley Hospital.

The new leadership of the renamed Holy Family at Merrimack Valley Hospital, Haverhill, told city leaders they plan to keep the hospital in the city.

New hospital president Joseph Roach addressed the Haverhill City Council last night with a pledge to maintain existing services. Haverhill City Council Vice President Robert Scatamacchia believes that is important for the Haverhill community, and beyond.

“They plan on staying in Haverhill and maintaining all of the services that the old Merrimack Valley Hospital provided to the citizens of Haverhill. I think that is very important when you have a city of 62,000 people,” Scatamacchia said. He said the hospital, which recently merged with Holy Family in Methuen, is following a national trend of consolidating services to hold down costs.

Councilor William J. Macek invited Roach to address the city council.

One thought on “Holy Family Hospital Plans to Remain in Haverhill

  1. I think they should name it the “Non-Holy Family” hospital. The Holy Family has been a for-profit hospital for quite awhile now, and it no longer has ties to the Catholic church. To keep the name Holy Family is to intentionally mislead people who might not otherwise be familiar with the hospital.