Macek to Introduce New Hospital President

Haverhill City Councilor William J. Macek is introducing the new president of Holy Family at Merrimack Valley Hospital tonight.

Joseph Roach took over as president of the Haverhill and Methuen hospitals last month. At the same time, Dr. Mark Girard, president of Steward Hospitals, also reported Merrimack Valley Hospital will be called “Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley.”

“I thought the name change gave the hospital strength. We want to see that hospital survive and not go out of business,” Macek told WHAV. “The Holy Family name means a well-run, quality hospital, historically,” the councilor added.

Macek said recent changes at the hospital are among reasons he asked the item be placed on the city council agenda. “The best way to resolve questions about the hospital is to have someone come to represent Holy Family. They are going to continue to make improvements to the facility.”

“Steward is making strides toward being a two-campus facility to deliver quality health care in all ways. In speaking with the new CEO, he related that to me,” Macek said.

The city councilor said he was not aware of a CommonWealth magazine report indicating, “Steward Health Care is refusing to turn over to state officials its audited financial statement.”

Bruce Mohl, who wrote the article, reports “Nancy Maroney, associate general counsel of the state’s Center for Health Information Analysis, has insisted that state regulations require Steward to turn over the consolidated financial statements. She said in a June 9 letter that Steward could be subject to reductions in its Medicaid payments and other financial penalties if it refuses to comply.”