Market Basket Workers Say Cancellation ‘Stings’

A group of Market Basket workers are calling upon their fellow protesters for continued calm and faith for a deal to be finalized between ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas and rival relatives in his reported $1.5 Billion buyout offer.

Reacting to a last-minute cancellation last night for a meeting of the company’s Board of Directors, The group, known as “Save Market Basket,” said on Facebook they are accustomed to disappointment, but, “now that we seem to be so close to our goal, this one certainly stings.”

“Save Market Basket” says they are all looking forward to a resolution that might allow them to resume their lives again. They believe the size of the transaction, while close, is enormous and complex. “We can only assume that the documents must not be ready and the board has no reason to hold a meeting until they are all in order.”

“In the meantime, we keep on keeping on. We protest and we boycott…and we keep our faith,” the group said.