Market Basket Workers Dismiss Gov. Patrick’s Call

Gov. Patrick

The group of Market Basket workers protesting for the reinstatement of ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas are dismissing a call from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick that they return to work to stabilize the company.

The group known as “Save Market Basket” is holding to their message that they will return when Arthur T. is back with full authority, or when a deal is in place to sell him the 50.5 percent of the company held by his rival relatives.

“The one thing that Governor Patrick doesn’t seem to understand is that the 2 million customers are boycotting our stores because THEY want Arthur T Demoulas back as the CEO with full authority. Associates going back without ATD will not stabilize the company,” the group said on Facebook.

The Market Basket protest is in its fourth week. Negotiations over Arthur T.’s offer with the company’s board of directors and are said to be ongoing.