Another Sandown Pond Closes Due to Bacteria

Another Sandown, New Hampshire, pond is closed to swimming as the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) has issued a cyanobacteria lake warning.

Showell Pond, Sandown, N.H., reportedly has bluish-green patches of cyanobacteria seen floating in the pond. Due to high levels of possible toxin causing Cyanobacteria cells in water samples taken, swimming is closed until further notice per order of the health officer. Officials say the whole pond has shown cloudy greenish-blue water, although during windy conditions, the cyanobacteria may congregate in small sections of the pond.

The New Hampshire DES advises lake users to avoid contact with the water in areas experiencing a surface scum or blue-green clouds. DES also advises pet owners to keep their pets out of water that has a surface scum or blue-green clouds. DES routinely monitors public beaches and public waters of the state for cyanobacteria. Water quality will be monitored until the cyanobacteria bloom is not evident. Last week officials closed Sandown’s Seeley Beach due to abnormally high counts of the bacteria cells in the water there.

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