Market Basket Rally Today to be “Biggest So Far”

Tewksbury Market Basket Rally.

Another large rally takes place Tuesday by protesting Market Basket workers who want the company’s board of directors to reinstate ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

Organizers say they expect the late morning rally outside the Market Basket store on Main Street in Tewksbury to be their biggest so far. The group known as “Save Market Basket” is also inviting Market Basket customers to participate as well.

Meanwhile, as the company continues to hold scheduled job fairs in Andover on Tuesday and Wednesday, “Save Market Basket” is rebutting a statement from current company management which they say implies  workers who picket outside are prone to violence.

“We are disgusted with today’s statement issued by O’Neill and Associates on behalf of F&G (Felicia Thornton and James Gooch) which tries to smear our protests by implying that we are in any way prone to violence. Their words show once again that they are so far out of touch with who and what we are,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

“We fully understand that people may go to Andover to apply for jobs with our company. We want every single one of them to know that while we will be there protesting, they have no reason to fear for their well being. We are a passionate, vocal bunch, but we are peaceful.”