Updated: Mayor Says Residents Support Trash Pact 2-1

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini’s proposal for automated trash pickup service in Haverhill will be presented to the city council at its next meeting on Tuesday. The mayor says an informal poll he conducted shows the “public favors automated pickup with toters by a 2-1 margin, goes to a 4-1 margin when told that it saves taxpayer dollars. There are concerns and issues that we need to work on.”

Fiorentini said the figures are based on a poll in which 200 residents have responded by Friday morning.

The higher favorability score is based on the answers to this question: “If you knew that the automated trash and recycling program would save the city between $300,000 to $400,000 per year or $2.1 million over the lifetime of the contract, and that that money could be used for other critical services or to cut taxes, what then would you think?” Possible answers were “Yes, give it a try,” “No, not worth it” or “Unsure or undecided.”

The administration has been negotiating a new, seven-year contract with Capital Waste to bring expanded recycling and improved trash pickup to the city. In his latest “Update From The Mayor” e-newsletter, Fiorentini makes his case directly to residents. He cites benefits to automated pickup, including reduced waste and litter, as well as saving $300,000 to $400,000 per year, or between $2.1 and $2.8 million dollars over the lifetime of the contract.

According to Fiorentini, the trash company would provide every homeowner in the city, free of charge, with a brand new 64-gallon trash container on wheels. Residents would also have the option of a lighter 35-gallon container, and the city is also working on a hardship exemption. Current pick-up crews would not be laid off, but re-assigned elsewhere by the trash company. However standard pick-up service would remain on streets too narrow for new trucks with side-mounted mechanical arms.

Fiorentini said the city is also looking into automated recycling pickup and expanding citywide leaf pickup from one day to three days per year.

3 thoughts on “Updated: Mayor Says Residents Support Trash Pact 2-1

  1. It’s called a “Push Poll” …because you pushing people to answer the way you want them to and to put forth a narrative in their heads about a particular issue. Typical politics form the most political guy around !

  2. Well, when you put it that way, who wouldn’t support it ? Geez, Mr. robber, if you knew the cops would not come, would you rob that store ? Informal is right.