Stolen City Hall Flag Returns After 30 Years

Mayor James J. Fiorentini and Veterans Services Director Michael Ingham.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini told Facebook users that a United States flag stolen from City Hall 30 years ago has been returned.

Fiorentini said “the card came with a fictitious return address. It shows remorse and that people can do the right thing, even though it might take a tad longer than we might like. So, thank you whoever you are!” He said the flag has been tuned over to Haverhill Veteran Service Director Michael Ingham for repairs.

Dear Mayor,

This flag was stolen from the old city Hall Pole by an intoxicated youth. His older brother gave it to me in Boston. It has been sitting in my attic for over 30 years…


Ex. Haverhill resident.

Mayor Involves Interns in V.P. Biden Call

In other news from the mayor’s office, the Haverhill mayor’s office participated in a national conference call Tuesday with other mayors and led by Vice President Joe Biden.

Fiorentini says he and his two summer office interns joined in on the conference call to discuss job training and how it relates to local officials and community colleges.