Three Men Face Haverhill Drug Charges

Three men, including two from New Hampshire, are facing drug-dealing charges after their arrests Monday afternoon near the Westgate shopping center. Police seized six grams of heroin valued at $250 and $250 cash.

The arrests occurred at 1 p.m., Monday at 400 Lowell Avenue. Haverhill Police report 27-year-old Kevin Acevedo of Haverhill was charged with distribution of a class A drug and conspiracy to violate drug laws. The others, 19-year-old Michael Anderson and 44-year-old Russell Anderson, both from Farmington, New Hampshire, are each charged with possession of a class A drug with intent to distribute and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

“Heroin remains a strong concern for area Law Enforcement. Heroin has been found to be combined with fentanyl in many tested samples. This has led to a significant increase in heroin-related overdoses. Haverhill Police have responded to 64 suspected heroin overdoses in the last 3 months. In most cases the users suffering from the overdose are treated and revived by first responders. Unfortunately, not everyone recovers and some users have died,” police said in a statement.

One thought on “Three Men Face Haverhill Drug Charges

  1. All of these scum bags are old enough to know better! Lock ’em up and throw away the key! With the seriousness of the opioid crisis in Massachusetts and especially in and around Haverhill, we can’t afford to fool around with these people!