City Clerk Releases Names of Police Recruits

swearing in ceremony

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini spoke out on this week’s swearing in of 10 new police recruits.

On the mayor’s office official Facebook page, Fiorentini says the new officers will bring the city’s largest complement of police in many years.

“We are able to provide these additional services in part because, thanks to Rep. Brian Dempsey, we receive funding every year to help pay the Hale debt. Without that additional funding, this swearing in would not have been possible”.

Meanwhile, The Haverhill City Clerk’s office  released the names of the 10 new police recruits. Now entering the police academy are recruits Sean Harrison, Jared Brady, Christopher Ryan, Bethany Boyle, Patrick Menzie, Christopher Matatall, Kyle McCann, Chery Victoria, Zachery Phair and Shawn O’Brian.